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Everyone is welcome at Hope Church. Whatever your season of life, whatever struggle you find yourself in you are welcome and we want to walk alongside you. Our prayer is that you will experience the love of God, hear the word of the gospel in Jesus Christ, be transformed by God’s Holy Spirit; and live as God created you to live in union with Him.



Hope Church is a new church based in the heart of Dunedin, New Zealand. Our vision is to raise up next generation disciples of Jesus Christ who impact the world. We are Anglican in character and align with the majority of Anglicans around the globe. Primarily we are shaped by the character of God and so we are a biblical, vibrant and missional expression of Christianity. We are confident in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others (confident evangelism) and intentional in growing disciples (relational discipleship) who live their whole life for God’s glory.



We expect God will powerfully grow our church fellowship, spiritually and numerically. We believe we are part of a bigger move of God’s Spirit to faithfully extend his mission. As such we believe that in a few years time Hope Church will be planting another church.


What we believe

Our Vision

Growing next generation disciples of Jesus Christ who impact the world.


  • Biblical (proclaiming the word of God as revealed in scripture)
  • Intergenerational (raising up a new generation of disciples who proclaim Christ faithfully)
  • Missional (reaching the lost, the poor and the marginalised in our city)
  • Cross-Cultural (engaging with all cultures who God brings us into contact with)
  • Vocational (equipping our people to serve God in the work place)
  • Spiritual Growth (growing disciples in the grace and knowledge of our saviour)
  • Church Planting (by God’s grace, committed to planting congregations and churches)

Meet our team

Stu Crosson

Senior Minister


Carlos Goatley

Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Sally Facoory


Zeeshan Zafar


Sam Parker



From left: Richard Morley-John (Families Leader), Stu Crosson (Senior Minister), Carlos Goatley (Young Adults & Youth Leader), Sally Facoory (Admin PA)

Ministry Leaders

Top Row: Richard Morley-John (Music), Stu Crosson (Senior Minister), Grant Richards (Mens Ministry), Chris Scott (Prayer), Sandy Elkin (Discipleship), Paul Evans (Mission)

Second Row: Elva Hogbin (Community), Carole Scott (Community), Robson Munyuku (Health and Safety), Kirsty Ure (Children), Sally Facoory (Admin), Marilyn Evans (Mission)

Absent: Carlos Goatley (Youth)



5 St Andrew Street
Dunedin, Otago, 9016
New Zealand