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Regular and Special Events at Hope Church

What’s coming up…

Good News Course – Tuesdays @ 7pm from 10th November

As Christians we often call what we believe the “good news”.

But many questions can come of this… What is good about it? Who is it good for? If you believe in a good God, why are there bad things?

All of those are great questions and they’re worth looking into. The Good News Course is designed to help answer some of these questions and any other questions you might have about what it is that Christians believe about our world.

Over four weeks, starting on Nov 10th, the Good News course is available to anyone who wants to investigate the claims of the Christian faith and the picture the Bible has about our world.

If you have any questions in regards to the course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Hope Church via email at hopechurchdunedin@gmail.com.

Where is it held?

Corstorphine House Conservatory, 23a Milburn St, Dunedin

When is it held?

For four Tuesday evenings, starting Tuesday 10th November, from 7:00-8:30pm.

Men’s Breakfast – Next Meeting, Saturday 14th Nov @ 8am

Every month, the men of Hope Church gather together to encourage and challenge one another on how we are best able to serve and continue to be godly men in a world which struggles to even define what that looks like.

As the name suggests, this meeting congregates around a good hot feed. After (or depending on how much you eat, during) the breakfast portion we will either look at the Bible and see how it challenges us to live, or hear personal testimony from Christian men as they look to walk the line of standing firm in their faith.

Held at Hope Church, 5 St Andrews St, from 8am to (approx.) 9:30am

Church Camp – Waitangi Weekend 2021

Please watch this space as details become available. The weekend itself is fixed, sometime around the 6-8th of February 2021, however the number of nights, costs, speakers, etc are all to be finalised.


Please do book out the weekend, though, so that nothing else gets in the way of what will be a great time of feeding (both physical and spiritual), fellowship, and fun.

What happens every week…

Gospel of Luke

Sunday Morning Service @ 9am every Sunday

We are currently being taught from the Gospel of Luke who “carefully investigated everything from the beginning” (Luke 1:2) in order to give us his account of the life of Jesus. Come along to hear from God’s Word and to join together in fellowship and worship.

Held at 5 St. Andrew St, 9:00am, Sunday Mornings.

Youth Group – Sundays @ 6pm

Our Youth Group (ages 13-17) meet together every week to engage with God’s Word and see how it should impact their lives as they grow and learn. Every week there is teaching from the Bible, food, fun and games.

This is a great forum for our youth to ask and discuss some more difficult questions as they grow and explore their knowledge of God and the world, in an environment that is relaxed and open to discussion.

Held at 5 St. Andrew St, 6-8pm, every Sunday evening.

Prayer Meeting – Sunday @ 7pm

Prayer is an essential part of our daily week. God is not only our creator, he is also our sustainer, sovereign over the world. Therefore “in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present our requests to God.” (Phil 4:6). Everyone is welcome to join us in asking our Lord for his will to be done here on earth.

Held at 5 St. Andrew St, 7:00pm, Sunday evenings.

Midweek Breakfast – Tuesday @ 7:30am

Two of the greatest things in the world… listening from God’s Word… and a great breakfast. Although an argument should probably be made that one of those is much better than the other, we really love breakfast and don’t want to make it feel too inadequate.

The mid-week breakfast is a perfect opportunity to get an injection of physical and spiritual food in the middle of the week. Held at a time so that you can still make it to work or university on time, this is for everyone who wants to hear from God’s word while feeding on a cracking breakfast.

Held every week at Hope Church, 5 St Andrews St @ 7:30am



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